Trunk Drain Kit

$25.00 Shipped USA Lower 48 Only.

Install drain in your trunk / boot gutter.

Drains water that might overflow into your trunk / boot.

The kit incudes whats pictured.

Drill hole in gutter. Use existing hole in trunk or drill another.

Easy install. Includes pointed drill bit for drilling the gutter.

Install instructions below.


Drain kit instructions: 

Please DON'T pre-assemble plastic elbow onto stainless steel bulkhead  fitting. The two pieces will not come back apart.

 Step 1:

Drill hole in trunk lid channel / gutter with supplied drill bit .

You may want to center punch the location first to prevent the bit from walking.

The supplied drill bit is custom ground to provide a nice clean hole in fiberglass.

Make sure the hole is drilled dead center in the gap. Not much wiggle room.

 Step 2:

Apply clear silicon to the bulkhead fitting. Install fitting into hole.

Attach the 2 washers and nut from underneath. Flat washer first, than the internal lock washer.

 Step 3:

Slide the 90 degree fitting (with tube attached) onto bulkhead fitting threads.

Step 4:

Enlarge existing hole in rear of trunk floor with supplied 5/16 drill bit or drill a new hole if you want to retain the original drain in trunk floor.

Step 5:

Insert the remaining plastic fitting into the drain hole. You can use silicon if you like. Cut clear tube to length and press onto fitting.