Front Speaker Rings         

$50.00 shipped USA lower 48 Only.

Convert your 4” speaker opening to accomadate a 5-1/4” speaker. 

The install is not difficult. It’s well worth the time and effort , big improvement in sound.

Most “norma"l 5-1/4” speakers will fit fine. Don’t buy a super deep speaker, it will hit the AC duct.

See below for install instructions.

Screenshot 2018-05-02 12.29.38

Install notes:

Remove the metal ring thats imbedded in the dash, see picture. Inserting a razor knife blade between ring and foam helps to loosen the ring.

Needle-nose vice grips are good for pulling the ring out. 

Once the metal ring is removed you can enlarge the opening (soft foam) to accommodate your new speaker. 

Test fit adaptor rings and new speakers. 

Bolt the speaker to the ring with included hardware. Not too tight.

Apply 4 or 6 dabs of silicon to the back of adaptor ring. A little bit goes along way. 

Attach wires to speaker and drop the ring and speaker into the dash. Make sure you rotate the speaker and ring so that you can access all four speaker mounting bolts in the future.