Ferrea valved heads for sale:

Standard Option:   Ferrea Valve / Eibach Spring combination

• Sixteen new Ferrea standard size Competion Plus Valves. Ferrea part numbers F2190P and 2192P:

• MW valve springs:

• Toyota "stock" retainers and locks.

• Rocker shaft upgrade. Link

• New valve seals, lift bolts, and oil passage filters.

• Intake and exhaust cams are used but in good condition.

• Porting, full Intake and Exhaust ported on a CNC 5 AXIS Mill.

   ( Porting has added good Horsepower potential. The stock exhaust port is on the small side. There is also a big mismatch with exhaust gasket. Extensive dyno testing has shown the 2ZZ-GE head/engine doesn’t like the gasket mismatch. )

• 3 angle valve job.

• Head is “surfaced" flat

• Lash is set, head is ready to bolt on.

Cost is $2350.00 with core exchange. core policy

Plus shipping cost.

New intake cam can be added for $275.00.

Purchase of new intake cam negates a bad intake cam fee on your core exchange.