Caliper piston install


•  Remove front wheels.

•  Make sure the car is properly supported while off the ground.

•  Turn the wheel for better access to caliper. 

•  Remove the two "R" clips.

IMG 1681

Push the anti-rattle spring plate to remove the two pins.

IMG 1683

Spread the pads apart. This $10.00 tool works great.

IMG 1684

Check out my titanium shims. From BOE.

IMG 1687

Remove the two allen bolts that hold the caliper in place. 8MM allen is the socket size.

IMG 1688

Place the caliper on top of steering arm and rotor. Nice and level. Clamp the top piston so it won't move when you press the brake.

IMG 1696
IMG 1693

Gently press the brake. Check for piston movement. The piston will move upward, in theory . The brake fluid will remain pooled in the caliper. 

IMG 1698
IMG 1699

A nice pool of blurry fluid, no air being introduced into the system, maybe.

IMG 1701

Remove the clamp from the top piston. The top piston will move a little when you Install the new bottom piston. Use your fingers to install new piston. You don't want to damage the hidden o-rings. I use pliers after the piston is half way in.

IMG 1702

Flip caliper, add clamp to new piston, press brake to remove second piston. Install the second new piston.

IMG 1706

Apply blue lock-tite to caliper bolts and tighten to spec, 45Nm, I think ???.

IMG 1707

I never use a torque wrench but here's a picture of one.

IMG 1710

Use the prybar to push inboard piston into caliper. Time to re-instal the pads and Ti shims.

IMG 1713

Install inboard pad and pry outboard piston into caliper. Install pads, pins, anti-rattle spring plate and "R" clips.

IMG 1714
IMG 1715